RPEA E-Mailed News Updates

Frequently RPEA is asked to look into singular issues that come up between our members and the Alaska Retirement System. The results of our investigations are then sent to all members through our e-mail notification system. As some members do not have e-mail, and some members may not see or read the e-mails, the messages are posted here by date and topic.

6/30/2022 RPEA Mid-Year Newsletter
4/22/2022 RPEA April Updates
3/28/2022 RPEA Support for Proposed Health Plan Amendments
3/23/2022 RPEA Spring Updates
3/2/2022 All Members Meeting Regarding Lawsuits Settlements
2/1/2022 News from the RPEA Executive Board
1/24/2022 AK Supreme Court Decision in the RPEA DVA Case
1/14/2022 RPEA January 2022 Newsletter
12/29/2021 RPEA 2021 Year-End Report
11/2/2021 RPEA November 2021 Update
8/30/2021 Message from RPEA President
8/17/2021 Update from the Board August 17, 2021 Meeting
8/11/2021 Update from RPEA Executive Board
8/10/2021 Notice of Proposed Updates to Defined Benefits Plan
7/21/2021 Update from RPEA Executive Board
7/21/2021 RPEA President's Resignation
6/24/2021 2021 Executive Board Election Results
6/30/2020 2020 Executive Board Election Results
5/13/2020 TELEMEDICINE Temporarily Added to Retiree Health Plan
5/9/2020 WEP and Government Pension Offset Bill
5/9/2020 Health of Retiree Trust Funds
4/22/2020 COLA and COVID19 Travel Restrictions
3/15/2020 Dental Plan Denials
3/5/2020 MEDICARE---Corona Virus Testing
12/26/2019 Letter to Comm. Tshibaka--Improper use of DVA Trust Funds
12/9/2019 State's Request for Change of Venue Denied
11/26/2019 Response to Tshibaka 11-22 Townhall Statement
11/22/2019 Court Grants Motion in DVA Lawsuit
10/24/2019 DVA Plans Comparison Chart
10/15/2019 Retiree Dental Plans--New Open-Enrollment Dates
10/15/2019 Dental Lawsuit Update
9/21/2019 RPEA--DVA Poll--Open Enrollment
9/18/2019 RPEA Files Motion to Enforce Court Order
9/7/2019 Moda Dental Denials
8/30/2019 DVA Lawsuit Update
7/24/2019 Retiree Health Plan Advisory Board Webpage Road Map
6/28/2019 OptumRx Network Pharmacy Lists
6/27/2019 DRB proposal for yearly deductible & out-of-pocket max increases
6/26/2019 DVA dental lawsuit settlement update
6/21/2019 RPEA director appointment
6/21/2019 RPEA benefit update
4/18/2019 RPEA wins dental plan diminishment lawsuit
3/2/2019 RPEA update
5/10/2018 RPEA website information
5/10/2018 RPEA Files Retirement Health Plans Diminishment Lawsuit
2/18/2018 New Medicare Cards
2/14/2018 HB 83--Pension Choice
2/12/2018 California Aetna Investigation
2/4/2018 AlaskaCare health plan appeal process changed
2/4/2018 Aetna and Moda Contract Extensions
1/12/2018 Pension Fund Status Reports
12/31/2017 Happy New Year Message
12/9/2017 2017 Yearly Planning Meeting
8/26/2017 Retiree Dependent Audit Update
6/17/2017Pension Check Update
4/8/2017 Request for Appeal Information
3/24/2017Travel Reimbursement and Medicare-AlaskaCare Coordination
12/4/2016Welcome to All New RPEA Members
11/25/2016Dental-Vision-Audio Plan Premium Increase
11/5/2016PSA Screening Blood Test Coverage
10/19/2016Health Matters Newsletter Questions
9/28/2016RPEA Annual Planning Meeting Report
6/28/2016HB 256--Pension Asset Investment/Management
6/3/2016PERS/TRS Newsletter Mistake
5/29/2016AlaskaCare Coverage of Orthotics
5/11/2016RPEA member nomination for AFT Award
5/6/2016New Long Term Insurance TPA
4/26/2016Progressive Lens Benefit
4/21/2016RPEA E-Board Report