Legislative Information Committee

Cindy Spanyers, Chair

The Legislative Information Committee monitors pending legislation that might affect retirees in the PERS, TRS and JRS retirement systems, updating the Executive Board on a regular basis.


News Updates


Alaska's Public Retirement System—Legislative Informational Paper 21-2

At the beginning of 2021, Legislative Finance and Legislative Research collaborated on an extensive informational paper on Alaska’s Public Retirement Systems. The paper outlines the history of PERS and TRS since statehood, including the Constitutional protections in Article XII, Section 7. It also delves into the escalating unfunded liabilities at a time when managing payments is becoming increasingly challenging in the present fiscal environment.

In FY21, the state contributed $345.6 million into the funds, approximately 7% of the unrestricted general funds. What are the options for ensuring our pensions are secure?

Here is the link to this important document:
Legislative Informational Paper 21-2 — Alaska's Public Retirement System