Be a Volunteer

There are a multitude of tasks to be done in our mission to support retirees. When many of us share our skills and talents, success is easier to achieve. Please think about how you can help your chapter.

Helpers are needed in these areas:

______ To greet people at the monthly chapter meeting.
______ To come early and distribute materials at the monthly meeting.
______ To make phone calls.
______ To make copies.
______ To serve on the Legislative Information Standing Committee.
______ To serve on the Membership Information Standing Committee.
______ To serve on the Medical Information Standing Committee.
______ To file chapter records.

I can help out in:

______ Southeast Region
______ Southcentral Region
______ Northern Region
______ Statewide

Please check those areas where you can help and send the information to the address below.

It just feels GOOD to help!

Print, fill out and mail to:

RPEA Volunteer Coordinator
3100 Arctic Blvd, Suite 200
Anchorage, AK 99503
or email the above information to 

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