2018 Retiree Health Plans Diminishment Lawsuit Information

In May 2018, RPEA filed a lawsuit against the Commissioner of the Department of Administration for illegally diminishing the retiree health plan benefits, violating the plan’s constitutional protection. The State’s position was that the plan is not constitutionally protected, and they could make changes to the plan at will.


Why we filed the lawsuit

2018-05-09_Complaint Document

2018-07-12_Amended Complaint

2018-08-10_Answer to amended complaint

2019-08-23_Second Amended Complaint

2019-07-19_States Motion for Change of Venue.pdf

2019-07-24_RPEA Opposition to Change of Venue.pdf

2019-12-04_Change of Venue Request Denied.pdf

2019-02-06_RPEA Motion for Partial Declaratory Judgment to Establish Nature and Scope of Fiduciary Duties DRB Owes to Retirees

2019-04-09_State Opposition to RPEA Motion re DRB's Fiduciary Duties to Retirees

2019-04-26_RPEA Reply to Opposition - Motion re Fiduciary Duties

2019-10-08_State Motion to Dismiss Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims

2019-10-19_RPEA Opposition to DFT Motion to Dismiss Fiduciary Claims

2019-10-30_Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss


2020-03-17_RPEA Motion for Partial Summary Judgement re: Plan Amendment 2016-2

2020-05-08_DRB Cross-Motion Partial Summary Judgement
     Exhibit A_DRB Cross Motion Partial Summary Judgement
     Exhibit D_DRB Cross Motion Partial Summary Judgement

2020-05-08_DRB Opposition to RPEA Motion for Partial Summary Judgement
     Exhibit B_DRB Opposition to RPEA Motion for Partial Summary Judgement
     Exhibits C-H_DRB Opposition to RPEA Motion for Partial Summary Judgement

2020-05-08_DRB Affidavit of Larry Davis

2020-05-26_RPEA Reply & Opposition to DRB Cross-Motion for Partial Summary Judgement

2020-06-05_DRB Reply to Opposition to Partial Summary Judgement

2020-10-05_Plaintiff Reply to Opp to Request For Court to Take Judicial Notice of Facts

2020-11-23_Zeman Decision

2021-06-01_Order appointing Discovery Master

2021-06-29_Burden of Proof--Zeman ruling

2021-07-12_Discovery Master fees order

2021-07-13_Denial of DRB Motion for Summary Judgement