2016 DVA Declaratory Relief Lawsuit Information

In January 2016, RPEA filed a lawsuit against the Commissioner of the Department of Administration for illegally diminishing the retiree Dental plan, violating the DVA plan’s constitutional protection. The State’s position was that the plan is not constitutionally protected, and they could make changes to the plan at will.

In December 2016, the court ruled that the DVA plan was constitutionally protected just like the medical plan. The trial to determine if the State’s actions resulted in diminishment is scheduled for April 2018.


Lawsuit Explanation

2016-01-26_Complaint Document

2016-03-14_DOA Answer

2016-03-28_Joint Report to the Court

2016-04-03_Scheduling Order

2016-06-01_Motion for Partial Summary Judgement

2016-07-01_Defendant's Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment and Defendant's Memorandum

2016-07-22_RPEA Opposition and Reply to Defendant's Cross-Motion

2016-12-07_Court's Ruling from the Bench

2016-12-07_Partial Summary Judgement Decision

2018-03-26_RPEA Trial Brief

2018-03-26_RPEA Final Witness List

2018-03-26_RPEA Objections Defense Exhibits

2018-03-27_SOA Trial Brief

2018-03-27_SOA Objections to Exhibits

2018-10-15_State's Closing Arguments

2018-10-15_State's Proposed Finding of Facts

2018-10-29_RPEA Closing Arguments

2019-04-17_DVA Lawsuit Decision

2019-08-08_Transcript of August Status Conference

2019-10-08_2020 DRB Dental Plans Comparison Chart

2019-09-17_Motion to Enforce Court Order

2019-10-07_Defendant's Opposition to RPEA's Motion to Enforce Court Order For Related Relief

2019-10-14_Reply in Support of RPEA's Motion to Enforce Court Order and for Related Relief

2019-11-21_Order Granting Motion to Enforce Court Order and Related Relief

2019-11-22_Audio of DRB TownHall Meeting Introductory Comments (.mp4)

2019-11-25_Response to Comm. Tshibakas Nov 22 Townhall Statements

2019-11-19_Transcript of November Status Conference

2019-12-12_Denial of Stay of Superior Court Order

2019-12-12_Order denying reconsideration

2019-12-26_Letter to Comm. Tshibaka RE: Attorney Fees

2020-07_DVA Appellant Brief

2020-07_DVA Appellant Brief Excerpt

2020-09-28_DVA Appellee Brief

2020-12-13_DVA Reply Brief of Appellant

2019-04-17_Court Approved DVA Comparison Chart from Lawsuit Decision (excerpt)

2022-01-21_Supreme Court Opinion on DVA Lawsuit