2021 Executive Board Election and Bylaw Adoption

RPEA will be holding its 2021 Election using an online election system managed by ElectionBuddy. The election will be to fill four Executive Board positions and to adopt three proposed amendments to the existing RPEA Bylaws dated August 2017.

Voting opens Wednesday May 26, 8:00AM and closes Wednesday June 9, 11:59PM.

A "Meet the Candidates" Forum was held May 24th.

View the Zoom session at these links:
Meet the Candidates Forum - Video (45 min)
Meet the Candidates Forum - Audio (54 min)

The Executive Board Positions that were open for nominations are: Executive Vice-President, Treasurer, Director of Communications, and Director of Legislative Information.

RPEA received multiple nominations for all four Executive Board postions. On April 20, 2021, the Executive Board accepted the following members as qualified candidates for the four RPEA Executive Board positions:

(Click on a name to view the Candidate Statement for that nominee.)

Executive Vice-President:  Brad Owens / Fred Traber

Executive Board Treasurer:  Kris Warren / Judith "Judi" Slajer

Communications Director:  Duncan Shackleford / Randall Burns

Legislative Information Director:   Cindy Spanyers / Linda Menard-Post

The RPEA Executive Board approved three proposed changes to the RPEA Bylaws dated August 2017, with a recommendation of "DO PASS". Per Article XII, Section 2 of the Bylaws, the proposed Bylaw amendments must be ratified by an affirmative vote of a majority of the RPEA members in good standing who voted on the amendment. Click here to review the proposed Bylaw amendments.

RPEA members whose dues have been paid by April 30, 2021 will receive an email or postcard from ElectionBuddy around May 26, 2021 inviting them to vote in the RPEA 2021 Executive Board Election and Bylaw Adoption. Each voter will get a unique voter access key with instructions on how to vote. Election results will be announced after the vote closes and the Executive Board declares who has been elected.


Thank you for your continued support of RPEA.