Retiree AlaskaCare Benefit Book Revision


The Division of Retirement & Benefits (DRB) recently posted to their website what they have described as an updated AlaskaCare Retiree Benefit Book, stating: “This draft is NOT adding, removing, or changing plan benefits.” They then invite public comments of the draft through August 15, 2018. The link to the draft is below.

RPEA has carefully reviewed the draft and we strongly disagree that the rewrite has not changed the plan. We believe the draft has clearly incorporated many of the changes made since 2013 that RPEA has challenged in the recent lawsuits that we have filed. Below is a link to the Comments that RPEA has submitted to both DRB and the Retiree Health Plan Advisory Board.

We strongly urge you to review the updated AlaskaCare Retiree Benefit Book and submit comments as soon as possible, but no later than August 15th, to:


8/7/2018_RPEA Comments on Proposed Revisions to the AlaskaCare Handbook

11/4/2018_RPEA Comments--Draft Retiree Plan Book Rewrite 2019