Retiree Health Plan Advisory Board

On September 27, 2017, Governor Walker signed Administrative Order 288 establishing a Retiree Health Plan Advisory Board.

In 2014 RPEA began working with the Department of Administration to establish an advisory board that would give retirees a voice and place at the table concerning their hard earned, constitutionally protected retirement benefits; a voice that was silenced in 2006 when the PERS and TRS boards were abolished by then-Governor Murkowski.

The current Board has been established by Administrative Order, leaving it’s existence at the discretion of the administration. The AO also allows the Governor 100% control of all seat appointments including the PERS and TRS seats. In an attempt to create a board that is more stable and allows retirees to have direct control of who is appointed to the PERS and TRS seats, RPEA has written legislation that was sponsored and introduced in the House by Representative Scott Kawasaki—HB 396. RPEA will continue to advocate for all retirees in it’s attempt to establish a board that is protected by legislation and better serves the needs of retirees and their dependents.

In the meantime, RPEA is participating with the Administrative Order advisory board and will attend and participate in all meetings.

RPEA will post to this website information concerning Board activities as well as statements and actions RPEA has taken on behalf of all retirees and their dependents.

Please contact me at any time with questions.


Sharon Hoffbeck
Retired Public Employees of Alaska


Link to DOA Retiree Health Plan Advisory Board site.